Kirkland Golf Balls

Cheap-switching golfers celebrated the release of Kirkland golf balls. These balls were an exceptional combination of cost, durability, and performance—a rare combo. The wizard behind the curtain, though, is who? Who makes these reasonably priced jewels? Let’s examine the specifics and clarify Kirkland golf ball history.

Kirkland Golf Balls

The Manufacturer of Kirkland Golf Balls

Most people assume that Costco, the retail giant, churns out Kirkland golf balls in its secret golf ball factory. However, reality takes a different swing. The truth is that Kirkland golf balls are not made by Costco. Instead, they roll off the production lines at Qingdao SM Parker, a massive company based in China. So, the next time you tee up with a Kirkland ball, remember that it’s a product of Chinese craftsmanship, not a Costco exclusive.

Qingdao SM Parker: The Hidden Player

Let’s shine a spotlight on Qingdao SM Parker. This company isn’t just any run-of-the-mill manufacturer; it’s a heavyweight in the sports equipment industry. Their specialty? Golf gear. And guess what? Kirkland golf balls are their best-selling product. So, when you’re launching that perfect drive down the fairway, you owe a nod to Qingdao’s expertise.

The Star of the Show: Kirkland Performance+

Kirkland Performance+: Affordable Excellence

The Kirkland Performance+ golf ball is the star of the Kirkland lineup. Here’s why it deserves a standing ovation:

  1. Three-Piece Construction: Simplicity meets performance. The Kirkland Performance+ boasts a three-piece design that balances distance, feel, and control.
  2. Budget-Friendly Pricing: Costco’s mantra is affordability, and these balls follow suit. A 24-pack of Kirkland Performance+ balls costs a mere $24.99. Yes, you read that right—quality urethane-covered balls at a jaw-dropping price.
  3. Low Launch, High Spin: These balls love to soar. With 338 dimples, they offer a low launch trajectory and impressive spin control. Perfect for shaping shots and attacking pins.
  4. Solid Design: The Kirkland Performance+ design holds its own against high-end competitors like the Titleist Velocity, Callaway Warbird, and Volvik Vivid.

Kirkland vs. Titleist: The Showdown

Kirkland 3-piece golf balls often find themselves in the ring with the Titleist Pro-V1x, the go-to choice for professional golfers. Let’s compare:

  • Distance: Kirkland balls trail the Titleist by an average of just 10 yards. Not bad for budget-friendly contenders.
  • Performance: Similar feel and performance—Kirkland gives the Pro-V1x a run for its money.

FAQs: Answering Your Burning Questions

  1. Does Costco Sell Golf Clubs? Yes, they do! But that’s a story for another day.
  2. Who Manufactures Kirkland Golf Clubs? Another twist: Nassau Golf Co., Ltd., a reputable Chinese company committed to quality, produces Kirkland golf clubs.

The Bottom Line

Next time you’re on the green, remember that your trusty Kirkland golf ball has traveled from China’s fairways to yours. It’s a tale of affordability, performance, and a little bit of mystery. Swing away, fellow golfer!

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