The Golden Touch: Turmeric's Radiant Transformation

Turmeric Face Mask: Mix turmeric with Greek yogurt and honey for a natural glow.

Exfoliate with Turmeric: Combine gram flour and turmeric to remove dead skin cells.

Hydrating Cleanser: Blend rice flour, turmeric, and milk or yogurt for a radiant complexion.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: Turmeric helps with acne, pigmentation, and sunburn.

Dark Circle Remedy: Turmeric lightens dark circles and stimulates blood circulation.

Oil Control: Suitable for oily skin, turmeric regulates sebum production.

Ubtan Mask: Use chickpea flour, turmeric, yogurt, and honey weekly for rejuvenation.

Natural Glowing Agent: Turmeric nourishes and hydrates dry skin, promoting radiance.