“Serenity Amidst Greens”: Tranquil fairways and lush landscapes.

“Champion’s Playground”: Where pros tee off and dreams take flight.

“Scenic Par 5s”: Rolling hills, challenging distances—golfers’ delight.

“Signature Hole: 16”: Risky decisions, stunning views, and eagle opportunities.

“Historic Venue”: Seven years of golf excellence at Fir Hills.

“Yin’s Victory”: Ruoning Yin’s breakthrough LPGA win here.

“Risk vs. Reward”: Hole 16—tempting green or cautious play?

“Purse: $2M”: High stakes, fierce competition on this course.

“American Triumph”: Homegrown star claims victory at Fir Hills.

“West Coast Magic”: Palos Verdes beauty meets golf mastery.