The Correct Golf Grip: How to Hold a Golf Club

Importance of Proper Grip Foundation for swing. Key to control and consistency. Vital connection between golfer and club.

Step-by-Step Guide Hold club waist-high, square face. Start with left hand, align, rotate, position right hand.

Types of Golf Grips Overlapping, interlocking, 10-finger grips. Vary based on preference, hand size, and comfort.

Different Grip for Different Clubs Driver: Overlap grip. Putter: Various grips like reverse overlap, claw, cross-handed.

Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed Opposite hand-placement. Comfort determines swing direction. Experiment to find natural grip.

Troubleshooting Your Grip Common mistakes: Gripping too high, improper hand placement. Adjust for comfort, control, consistency.

Avoid Gripping Too Tight Hold like a small bird: firm, not crushing. Maintain control without restricting movement.

Returning to Basics Start over if needed. Relax, sip Arnold Palmer. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Golf Grip Cheat Sheet Left hand first. Diagonal handle alignment. Check knuckles. Don't grip too tight. Experiment.