LIV Golf: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Discover LIV Golf: 12 teams, 48 players, 54 holes, no cuts, and shotgun starts.

LIV Golf

LIV Golf's format: Each event plays 54 holes with a refreshing, fast-paced shotgun start.

The Unique Format

Big moves in golf: Jon Rahm and other top players are joining LIV Golf.

Major Players Joining

Explore LIV Golf 2024: Exciting locations and dates for the upcoming golf season.

2024 Schedule Highlights

Understanding LIV and PGA: Comparing formats, player rosters, and tournament structures.

LIV vs PGA: Key Differences

LIV Golf's tech edge: Leveraging cutting-edge technology for an enhanced viewing experience.

Technological Innovations

LIV Golf's approach to fan engagement: Interactive experiences and social media highlights.

Fan Engagement

Iconic golfing moments: Celebrating historic achievements and memorable shots in LIV Golf.

Golfing Landmarks

Spotlight on LIV Golf stars: Personal stories and professional achievements of key players.

Player Profiles