A Journey Through Maple Hill Disc Golf

Legendary Course: Discover the world’s best disc golf course at Maple Hill.

Pro Tour Event: Home to the 2023 MVP Open, a Disc Golf Pro Tour Playoff Event.

Challenging Layout: Multiple tee and pin locations cater to all skill levels.

Scenic Beauty: Nestled in Leicester, Massachusetts, Maple Hill offers stunning views.

Epic Tee Shots: Hole 11 promises excitement for pros and fans alike.

Live Coverage: Watch archived rounds on the Disc Golf Network (DGN).

Free Viewing: Enjoy JomezPro, Gatekeeper Media, and Ace Run Pro’s post-produced rounds.

UDisc Live Stats: Dive into shot-by-shot scores and detailed stats.

Win Probabilities: Explore pre-tournament predictions for MPO and FPO players.

Historic Winners: Learn about past MVP Open champions and their triumphs.