Journey Through Pristine Greens

Overview of Shadow Creek Golf Course Luxurious 18-hole course in North Las Vegas. Owned by MGM Resorts. Designed by Tom Fazio.

Tee Time Difficulty at Shadow Creek Booking challenges. Plan in advance. Availability subject to guest stays at MGM properties.

Shadow Creek's Prestige & Cost Elite golf experience. High fees. Named most expensive in America. Accessible via MGM Resorts.

Shadow Creek's Natural Beauty Serene, pristine setting. Designed to blend with surroundings. Natural, well-thought-out holes.

Notable Features of Shadow Creek Forest wilderness setting. Shock to senses. Renowned as one of the best nationwide.

Unique Aspects of Shadow Creek Exclusive access once limited. Now open to guests at MGM Resort hotels.

Reviews & Testimonials Five-star service, facilities. Anniversary gift. Wonderful staff, great food. Consistently highly rated.

Shadow Creek's Historical Background Established in 1990. Length: 7,560 yards. Par 72. Designed by Tom Fazio.

Shadow Creek's Accessibility Located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Owned by MGM Resorts International. Phone: (702) 399-7111.

Shadow Creek's Noteworthy Events T-Mobile Match Play, LPGA Match Play. Exciting tournaments. Check schedule for upcoming events.