Here are foods we found to be the most beneficial and healthy to enjoy on the course.

Not only are they easy to carry and eat, hard-boiled eggs are high in protein for lasting energy and focus.

Among the best things you can eat. Whole fruits are packed with dietary fiber and important nutrients like potassium.

Nuts offer healthy protein, fats and minerals that fill you up and help you power through your round. Plus, they’re easy to carry and munch on.

Make your own and it will be healthier (no preservatives and other additives). Toss dark chocolate chips, mixed nuts and fruit like raisins in a bowl. Stir it up and package it in small plastic bags.

Jerky is packed with protein that gives you energy and without a heavy feeling in your stomach. All-natural brands are better because they aren’t high in sodium and don’t have preservatives.

Peanut butter contains healthy fats, vitamins and minerals—and it’s a great source of protein. Spread it on whole grain bread for long-lasting energy.

Make your own and bag it for a high-fiber snack. Avoid lots of butter and salt.

Put turkey and ham slices in a sandwich bag for another easy high-protein snack on the golf course.

These are tricky. While some deliver health benefits, many are not healthy because they are high in sugar and loaded with additives. It’s better to steer toward whole foods like those mentioned above.

Water is the best thing to drink, hands down. Be wary of sports drinks, which are often loaded with sugar even though they tout replenishment of electrolytes and more.