Mastering Wolf Golf: Strategies for Victory!

Wolf Golf: Discover this exciting golf format that adds a twist to your rounds.

Individual Ball Scoring: Unlike team formats, each player acts independently, aiming to score the most points.

Tee Shot Order: Players determine the order for tee shots, which rotates every four holes.

The Lone Wolf: On each hole, the last player to tee off becomes the Wolf. They can go solo or add a teammate.

Scoring Rules: Solo Wolf wins earn 4 points, while Wolf + teammate wins get 2 points each.

Lone Wolf Strategy: Shoot the lowest score as the Lone Wolf, while others use the best ball system.

Point Allocation: 2-vs-2 wins earn 1 point per player; 1-vs-3 wins get 2 points per player.

Lone Wolf Victory: If the Lone Wolf wins, they earn 3 points per player.

Betting Considerations: Decide on pre-set money per hole or total points for the match.

Fun and Strategy: Wolf Golf combines skill, strategy, and camaraderie for an unforgettable round